11yr Old Girl Birthday Party Ideas

Parents of girls turning eleven have a daunting task at hand, planning their 11th birthday. For the first couple of years, parents can have a free run. There is no compulsion to live up to certain expectations and kids aged six or eight and below seldom have a horde of various preferences or choices. They are happy with any of the hundreds of kids’ activities that have been around for generations. When a girl turns eleven, or for that matter a boy, things do become difficult.

An eleven year old girl would be choosy and would be aware of the impact, positive or negative, that the party may have on her friends. There is another huge problem. Girls heading for their teens are neither grown up enough for teen activities nor are they young enough for kids’ activities. There has to be a nice balance. Thus, here are some 11 yr old girl birthday party ideas.

Select a Theme

First, you should select a theme. There are dozens of themes that you can toy with. For instance, there are baking themes, painting themes, certain games that you can choose or you may have a knitting theme if your girl is interested in it. The themes should be chosen according to the resources available and the interest of the birthday girl along with the interests of her friends. Indoor and outdoor themes need to be segregated right at the start. Certain themes will be doable with resources available in the house. Some themes will demand purchasing several items. You would have to take a call on this according to the budget. The time of the year will also play a role since outdoor activities in the summer and winter are of very different nature.

Create a Purpose

Second, you should have a purpose, other than celebrating the birthday of your 11 yr old girl. That purpose could be adventure, an eventuality or something that gets carried away with the attendees. For instance, for a baking theme, you may decide to have a winner, the one with the finest baked dish. The same can be done with painting or knitting. There can be some charitable cause as well that the items which the girls would make shall be donated to some organization.

Plan Your Environment

Third, you should create an ambience that your girl would like. Some girls like the conventional balloons and ribbons while some girls may like inflatables and some may simply want a table outside where she can sit and chat with her friends. Choose what your little-but-growing-up girl would like.

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