13th Birthday Slumber Party Ideas

If you want your slumber party to be its best, try listing some 13th birthday slumber party ideas that you can use to make your party a moment to remember. Make use of the ideas to make the slumber party unforgettable and very fun at the same time. You will not have to worry about how you can make your party as exciting as how you want it to be since you can make use of the ideas to have fun with your friends as you celebrate your birthday.

Before you can plan for anything, ask for your parents’ permission first with using an area in your home for the party and letting them know about the planning you will have for your party. In this way, they can help you prepare everything for your party. So, to get everything started, check out the following 13th birthday slumber party ideas you should do:

5 Steps to Planning a Successful Slumber Party

1. Start off with the theme of your party. If you are a boy, you can settle with themes of your favorite players with whatever sport you are interested at or just video games. For girls, you can choose to have a spa party or movie night.

2. Create invitations with the theme that you have chosen and send them out to your friends whom you want to spend your 13th birthday party with. You can choose to invite your closest friends alone or just add more friends to make the party more fun.

3. Decorations will enhance your theme as you put some photos or things that would resemble your theme around the area where the activities will be done. Do not forget the streamers saying “happy birthday” or “welcome friends” that you and your friends will see. Since everyone will stay up until late at night, you can place some glow in the dark stickers around the area where you will sleep.

4. Drinks and foods that you want to add in your list of activities is also an important thing that you should not forget. You can list some of your favorite foods such as pizza, cookies, brownies, ice cream and other sweet treats like chocolate dipped strawberries. For the drinks, you can have sodas or juice. Make everyone fill their tummies until the end of the night and just have fun throughout the party.

5. Put up the activities. There are just many activities that you can do with your slumber party. For boys, you can start having contests for playing video games or any card games that they like. There are just many activities that girls can do. You can choose to have charades, truth or dare and 2 truths and a lie where everyone will guess which among three statements of every player is the lie. Think as much games as you can have to make the slumber party lively and memorable for all.

With all of these 13th birthday slumber party ideas in mind, you can make sure that your invited friends will have fun with the slumber party that you have planned.

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