1st Birthday Time Capsule Ideas

As a parent it is your responsibility to make sure that your child experiences everything that there is in life, especially their 1st birthday. With that being said, you may want to make it the best birthday that they will ever experience. There are a numerous amount of things that you can use to your advantage to make a memorable 1st birthday party, particularly if you are able to make a time capsule. Below are some interesting and unique 1st birthday party time capsule ideas.

1. Get Everyone Involved

The most important thing to take into consideration when you’re building the time capsule is that you will want every close family member involved in the process. This will allow your child to have the ability to read through letters and learn about what they were like as a baby in the eyes of everyone in their family. It can be a great project that everyone will enjoy doing – not to mention that it is a fantastic way to build memories with the whole family.

2. Include a Newspaper

Who wouldn’t love having the opportunity to see the news on the day that they were born? Consider keeping the front page of a popular newspaper such as the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times from the day that your child was born. Include this in the time capsule to give them something interesting to look at in the future.

3. A CD with Current Hits

Everyone loves music and if we only had the opportunity to know what songs were on the top 10 list when we were first born. Create a CD during the first year of your child’s life and include the top 10 Billboard Chart Hits at that time. When the time capsule is opened, they will be able to reminisce with music from the time of their birth.

4. Lots and Lots of Photos

Above all, make sure that there are an abundance of photos in the time capsule for your child to browse through when they are older. We are all visual learners and with the ability to actually see what life was like when they were born, it will be a completely different experience than reading notes or memos. Plus, when the photos are removed from the time capsule you can either put it in a scrapbook for yourself or for your child.

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