African American Child Rearing Practices

In terms with African-American families, there are several African American child rearing practices that are different with other cultures and counterparts. Child bearing practices are different because it differs according to economic, social as well as familial elements among African Americans.

Family Numbers

In African American families, the conditions may differ according to the members of the family or the present family members in the household. According to statistics, the African American child is usually raised in a single parent family than the dual-parent family. The remaining percentage is when child that are raised with other family member. This is because based on the research, the children really needs to the best nurture they need according to the individual families plans.

Gender Differences

Moreover, the parenting styles among the African American families depend also on the quantity of the children within the family. As a matter of fact, a study showed that parenting in African American family is very different with other culture. The study shows that the parenting traits with African American include high level of negativity within the household and this may depend in the factors in the family. One of these factors is the gender of the children meaning African parents usually restrictiveness, detachment and harsh commends. On the other hand, it is just for male children but for female they are not too strict.


In African American child rearing practices they tend to favor the disciplinarian approaches as compared to other culture. American sociological Association made a study in 2002 and it shows that most of the African American uses the authoritarian approach in parenting as compared to white and other counterparts. This research was based on the observation of African American teens and their moms. Moreover, one factor that is considered to affect this aspect is the economic state of the family. The study also suggests that the African American child rearing practices is also focused on how to prepare the child to cope up with poverty, discrimination and racism. This is imperative for the reason that it has got to do with the issues of African American community that they are battling for several decades now. With poverty, the children are also trained on how they can able to cope with the challenges that they need to face eventually when they grow up.


Religion is another essential factor in African American child rearing practices. Religion has play a great role in influencing the child’s development as compared with the Anglo American child rearing. According to the American Sociological Association, kids and children are trained to join the church choir, bible study and other activities at church that can help them improve more in especially their value.

On the other hand, African-American child rearing practices is still helpful for the youth in the community for their well-being. Despite of the negative thinking about this type of child nurturing, many experts suggest that it is an essential way to help them to become a stronger individual in the long run.

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