Best Basketball Dribbling Games for Kids

Dribbling is one of the most significant skills that should be learned by the children in basketball. Basketball is one of the best sports today. Many people especially men are spending lots of their time in watching NBA games even though they have essential things to do. Dribbling is the process of getting the ball back and forth with your hands. Dribbling games will give your kids a chance to enhance their skills in dribbling while running.

Actually, there are 4 best basketball dribbling games for kids. These are green light and red light, dribble tag, cones game, two ball dribble race and dribble survivor.

Green Light and Red Light
The players should line up in the line base along with their ball. When the coach shouted “green light”, all the players should move onward immediately while they are dribbling the ball. When the coach shouts “red light”, they must stop from moving forward but they should continue dribbling.

Dribble Tag
while the players are dribbling the ball, they should tag other players without committing traveling or utilizing double dribbling. When the players have been tagged, they are out of the game. Kids must only play it in a well designated area or court.

Cones Game
The coach will line up 12 cones in two rows. The cones must be 2 feet separately from each other. Separate the kids into two team and they must have a line up in their point of view cone. Each and every player should dribble the ball around the cones. When they finish it in the last cone, the next will be the one who will do it. The very first team who finish this game without touching the cones will declare as the winner. But, when a certain player moves it, he or she should start from the very beginning.

Two Ball Dribble Race
Every player will be given with two balls. They must be far from each other in order to perform their job well. After that, they should start dribbling the two balls continuously. The player who made it up to the half court is the winner. However, they should make sure that the ball will never lose in their hand.

Dribble Survivor
In this game, players should perform dribbling without utilizing double dribble or consigning travelling. But before they do it, their coach will place them in a certain area. In that area, they must continue dribbling the ball but they should prevent themselves from stepping out in their island. They should stay in their place in order to enhance their skills in dribbling.

With this information about the best basketball dribbling games for kids, they will gain lots of ideas on how to do dribbling. Aside from that, through this game, they can really enhance their alertness, balancing their body, and skills in performing the proper dribbling. You can also teach the best basketball dribbling games for kids to other kids in your neighborhood especially for those who are playing basketball everyday.

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