Best Flag Football Drills for Kids

Flag football permits coaches of instructing players on its most basic essentials without using or tackling physical contact. In coaching, it further allows teams of running and learning plays even without risking bodily injuries. This may be a difficult task that a coach can engage in that contributes and runs on the overall cohesion and skill of team.

Kids can also get the fun on their training and get themselves prepared. They mostly enjoy playing; however, they may lack patience because of the conditioning and drills that they must make. On the part of the coach, he will consider the age of the players. He will also consider for other ways on motivating them. As a result, the drills will look like games that kids may want to engage in.

Freeze Drill

One of the best flag football drills for kids is the freeze drill. This drill is mainly intended for receivers and quarterbacks. The football leagues for kids usually train them on playing different positions. As per this drill, this may be practiced on the full squad. The squad is divided up into receivers and quarterbacks and is paired off. Then, every pair stands for about ten yards at a distance.

The drill is controlled by the coach. There are commands to be followed while the receiver or quarterback performed. The only exception is on the commands where the ball is caught or thrown; the coach gives commands on a sequence even without a pause. The commands are followed such as go, catch, tuck and toss back. This drill is often repeated for three consecutive times, with high and medium.

Bull in the Ring

The kids are told to create a shape of the ring. Then, one player must stand at the center while the coach throws the ball on one of the many players. The player also tries to sprint the ball crossways the circle. The bull or the player at the center tries to stop the player or runner who has the tackle.

When the runner has made it across, then the bull remained at the center for the next turn. If the tackle is made successful, then the bull will have to join the ring. Then, the runner has to take the core spot.

Afterwards, the coach will then have to throw the ball to the next player that is positioned on the ring while the drill goes on. Although other school districts and leagues ban the drill for being dangerous, it is not anymore dangerous as compared to any contact drill.

Balloon Toss

Balloon toss is another best drill for kids that can be practiced in the hot summer day. As the kids tend to run on the ladders, their helpers or parents may be lined up on every side. They can be armed with water balloons. Then, the helpers toss the balloons to other players. When one player is already hit, he is then out. The winner is the player that is last to be strike.

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