Best Football Conditioning Drills for Kids

For the kids who are starting to play football, it is essential for them to know and learn the conditioning drills. This kind of drill will help them in conditioning the performance or ability of their mind and body. Aside from that, they can also learn the things that they should and should not before, during, and after playing the game. The presence of this drill is very important because it will prevent the children from getting hurt and committing mistakes that usually cause big problems during the game. If you are interested to know the best football conditioning drills for kids, these are already listed below:

Balloon Toss

This drill is usually used during a summer practice due to the hot weather. Because children are the ones who do it, there should be the presence of parents and small water balloons. The helpers will be the ones who will toss the balloons to players. When a certain player is hit by the balloon, he is automatically out. The player who didn’t hit by the balloon until the last game will be the winner. The player who moves fast can easily avoid the balloon from hitting them. This drill will surely wake up their alertness and enhance their running skills. After this drill, the children will give resting time to give their body rest and also to bring back the energy that they used in performing the drill.

Freeze Drill

This drill is made only for players who are in the position of receivers and quarterbacks. However, most trainers today teach children the entire position so that they will have the idea on how to do it. Aside from that, they can also practice and enhance the skills that they have. Kids will be divided into two teams; the first one is the receiver while the other one is the quarterbacks. Every receiver and quarterback will be paired and they must be 100 yards apart from each other. After that, their coach will start to command, both the quarters and receiver will get freeze. When their coach give the command is given, the quarterbacks will throw the ball and the receiver will do his best in order to catch it. This drill is usually repeated for about 3 times.

Bull in the Ring

The players must form a ring. In this form, they can discuss and choose the player that will be in the middle position. The coach will be the one who will throw the ball to his one player who is inside the ring. These players should attempt to run the ball athwart the circle. The player who is in the middle position is called the “bull”. His main role there is to stop the runner who carries the ball. When the ball is successfully passed, the bull will immediately go to ring while the runner will be in the middle position. The players should repeat it until all of the players have finished it.

So try to do these best football conditioning drills for kids in order to enhance your alertness.

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