Best Kickball Games for Kids

Nowadays, most children especially boys are having the interest to play kick ball games. Actually, kick ball is a type of game wherein kicking skills are usually used. This is also a fun, exciting, and active game that will encourage you to play. It is the sport that is similar to soccer. This type of game is usually played in a spacious playground that has green grass. It is true that when there is a children activity, kickball game is always present. The children who are in the stage of childhood will always have the interest to play it even though they will look very dirty.

Top Kickball Games for Kids

The best kickball games for kids are listed below. These kickball games are being played in different countries. That’s why this is very popular in all ages. Even some teenagers are playing these during their past time.

Alien Kickball
When talking about Alien Kickball, there are actually two teams here. The first team will be in the out surface of the field while the second team in the striker post. The boundary cones will be placed nearby the pitcher. The center portion between the home plate and cones are in the safety zone. The team which is the field cannot stand and pass in these cones when the ball is being kicked.

When the second team kicks the ball, they will immediately run to some of their group and prevent it from reaching by the first team. In each and every full pass of a player, their team will immediately get one hundred points. At this point, the first team should get back the ball and pass it to the rest of their team until they reach the home plate. After this, the points of both teams will be accumulated.

6 Base Kickball
The 6 base kickball is another type of kickball game that needs six spots, ball, and two teams. The first team will send for the very first batting area while the second team is around the field. The set base is in the long rectangle along with the base one and the second and third will go up which has a far distance from the kicking team. The fourth, fifth, and sixth will go down to the other side of the field. If you will analyze the process of this kick game, you will find that it is the same with Alien kickball that’s why you can play it with ease. But, the scoring system here is higher than the alien kickball.

Team in the Middle
This game, two teams are needed to play. The second team will be placed in the middle boundary rope while the first team will be separated fairly in the boundary rope. The first team will kick and pass the ball to some of their teams. The second team will take an action in order to get the ball. The moves that are used in this kickball game are bouncing, chest passing, and rolling. Every team that will successfully pass the ball will automatically gain 1000 points.

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