Best Toddler Sleep Training Methods

There are times when you just want to have a peaceful sleep in your bed but your toddler would just not allow you. You put them to bed not knowing that after a few minutes they will go knocking on your bedroom bed asking for you to stay with them. If you think that you should be learning the best toddler sleep training methods, then there are some simple and no tears methods that you can try with your child.

To start off, it is necessary that you will have enough time in letting your child learn to sleep on their own bed and just get through the night without the need to get up and go to you. You can also get the help of your child’s pediatrician to know whether there are other underlying problems that may cause the sleeping issues of your child. After being sure that it is not a result of any medical condition, then you should start doing the following best toddler sleep training methods for letting your child to sleep on their own:

1. If you are sending your child on a daycare and they practice nap time on the school, then it is best that you learn the nap time and do this when he or she is staying at home. This will make your kid’s body cope up with the sleeping time and just learn how to sleep on their own during these times.

2. At night, there are just many things that you can do to let your child sleep on her or his own. You can read a book, nurse your child till he or she falls asleep, cuddle with him or her or just let your child know that you are there watching him or her sleep.

3. Do not let your child feel that they are alone when they try to sleep at night. Make them feel that you are there by staying until your child falls asleep and slowly sneak out of the room.

4. Another method that you can try is popping out of his or her room. While you are staying with your child waiting for him or her to sleep, it is best that you pop out few times leaving some believable excuses. Make sure that the pop outs will just last for a few seconds to several minutes, enough to make your child fall asleep on his or her own.

5. Camping in the room. You can choose to put a tent in your child’s room and just let him or her sleep on his own bed. Do not give a perspective that you will be moving in from your room, just a plain few days of camping in the room and this will let your child feel that you are just near him or her.

The above mentioned best toddler sleep training methods may take some time before your toddler gets used to it, but once you learn how to make use of it you are sure to get the results that you want.

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