Birthday Sleepover Ideas for Tween Girls

There is nothing more exciting for your tween than having the ability to host a sleepover birthday party. It provides them with the opportunity to hang out with their best friends and have “girl time”. Whether your daughter is interested in having a weekend get-together or if they are looking for amazing birthday ideas that will appreciated by the whole group, there are an abundance of ideas that you can use to your advantage. Below are some of the most impressive birthday sleepover ideas for tween girls.

Tip 1: Make-Your-Own ____

Whether you provide your daughter and her friends with the ability to make their own sundaes, pizzas, or tacos, it can be a fun and creative environment that they will remember forever. All that you will have to do is provide the ingredients necessary for the particular meal and/or snack and let them eat to their heart’s (well, stomach’s) desire.

Tip 2: Fun and Creative Projects

Girls love having something to do, especially in terms of arts and crafts. With that being said, there are hundreds of different project ideas that are perfect for girls with different personalities. As an example, if your daughter is more of a tomboy, find blank skateboard decks and allow her and her friends to decorate them. Whereas if she is more of a girly-girl, allow them to make their own bedazzled pillow cases or accent pillows for their room.

Tip 3: Spa Day

Although this may sound cliché and typical, girls do love having the opportunity to have a spa day. Buy nail polish, hair styling tools, and facial scrubs to provide your daughter and her friends with the opportunity to pamper one another. You can even consider giving them before and after photographs so that they have memories of the event.

Tip 4: Outdoor Sleepover

If your city allows it and if you have the space, consider taking the sleep over outside. Allow the girls to make a bonfire in the backyard where they can roast marshmallows, make s’mores, or even tell ghost stories. You can even put up a couple of tents so that they can sleep outside. With the use of flashlights, blankets, and sleeping bags, it will undoubtedly be a sleepover that they will never forget.

Tip 5: Board Games

Everyone enjoys playing a game, whether it be on a video game console or a traditional board game. Allow your daughter and her friends to choose a game that they want to play and it will keep them entertained for hours.

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