Blues Clues Birthday Cake Ideas

Blue’s Clues was one of the more popular shows in the late nineties and through much of the first decade. Blue’s Clues was not just a favorite of kids but was also quite popular among parents. That is not surprising considering the amazing show it was and the juxtaposition of education and entertainment that it offered. For more than a decade now, Blue’s Clues birthday cake ideas have been explored by innumerable parents. Pop culture finds many kinds of resonance in real lives and Blue’s Clue’s birthday cake ideas are a common manifestation.

Today, you can shop for Blue’s Clues birthday cakes online. You don’t need to brainstorm, you don’t need to ransack your mind or be at your wits end. You can simply go to an online store and choose a design and a price that suits you. There are provisions to place customized orders as well, albeit they would cost a tad more. There are dozens of variants and flavors you can choose from. You would certainly not have any limitation of choices or price.

While there are options to buy the cakes outright, there is a possibility of you baking your own cake as well. That way, you can come up with something unique for your child. Blue’s Clues birthday cake ideas can be quite diverse.

You can come up with your own version of the popular dog and have the facial cutout for the cake’s design. You may simply make a cake and have the design on top or you can make the entire cake of blue color and have cake’s features resembling the eyes, nose, mouth and ears of Blue.

Alternately, you may choose to actually using the theme or concept of Blue’s Clues. You may choose to make smaller cakes or cupcakes that would resemble Blue but would not do so in totality. Instead, each of those cupcakes or small cakes, ala pastries, would have some clues in them or on them. There can be some wonderful activities or games that can be planned using such types of Blue’s Clues birthday cake ideas.

There is no hard rule that disallows you from trying out miniature cakes or unique shapes. You may also choose to make a larger than life cake by baking different parts of Blue and then frosting them together to make a giant dog with dozens of clues here and there.

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