Can a Baby Sleep With a Pacifier

Can a baby sleep with a pacifier? Pacifiers are time-honored baby’s first accessory. Mother uses pacifier for their extra fussy baby, who do the latching and unlatching more often. Pacifies are being used to comfort the baby when he cries in the crib. Mothers anticipate that pacifies, aside from their funny faces, make their babies happy. This accessory is also used during bed time. Though there seems to be no scientific explanation if can a baby sleep with a pacifier, it is being honored as a great help for moms. However mothers should know the benefits and harm of using the pacifier.


1. A pacifier can help calm a fussy baby. Infants especially in their growth spurt are extra fussy, mothers often soothe them with a pacifier. The truth mother should know is that babies are happiest when they have something in their mouth. They are happy when they are sucking on something.

2. This baby accessory also helps mother in dealing with temporary distraction. Pacifiers are idea in times where in there is a need to keep the baby silent and calm such as during shots, blood tests and other procedures.

3. Mother usually asks if a baby can sleep with a pacifier. The answer is yes. Pacifier is idea if you are having problem in getting your baby to sleep. There are many reasons that cause the baby to hardly settle down especially night thus mother often use pacifier as a remedy.

4. It can alleviate discomforts in times of flight. Infants unconsciously move their hands and may hurt some parts of their body such as when they pop their ears when they are swallowing. Pacifier can be the best trick for them.

5. The best thing about the pacifiers is that it helps in lessening the risks of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).Researchers have found out the significant effect of pacifiers during sleep and a lessened possibility for SIDS.

6. Pacifiers are also known for its disposability. If your baby no longer needs the pacifier, you can throw them away. However mother should make sure when is the right time to throw the pacifier as babies are fond of sucking their thumb or fingers.


1. Breastfeeding can be affected by pacifiers. Mothers should anticipate that babies find difference between sucking the pacifier and the milk bottle. Research reveals that early use of pacifiers is entailed with lessened exclusive breastfeeding duration. However it is still subtle if artificial nipples cause or resolve the problem.

2. Your baby might be dependent to the pacifier. Mothers who often ask if a baby can sleep with a pacifier and gets a yes makes it a habit for their baby to suck the pacifier. The habit can cause them to need the pacifier during midnight.

3. It can increase the risks of middle ear infections.

4. It can also lead to dental problems. However the use of the artificial nipple doesn’t cause the front teeth of the baby to slant outward.

To help mothers asking if a baby can sleep with a pacifier, know the advantages and disadvantages and you’ll get the best answer.

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