Child Rearing Practices in Different Cultures

Mothers have different way of expressing their love for their children and have their own way of rearing their children. Aside from individual preferences, other parents from different cultures have also different way on practicing child rearing. Parenting is something that is not only rooted from a person’s childhood experiences but also in the culture where a child grew up and lived in. Aside from personal experiences, culture is also found to have a particular effect on the parenting styles that people may use once they start their own family.

There are also families wherein they tend to follow the rules or tradition used in different generations and they grew up with. One of the basic examples of this is a culture where the father is the stern disciplinarian, making him practice a different child-rearing practice towards their kids. There are also examples wherein both parents are sharing the responsibilities in parenting while working in full time.

When based in different cultures, parents have different expectations when it comes to their expectations with their children. Fathers, especially from different cultures have mixed expectations with their children with their behavior. There are cultures wherein children are expected by their fathers to have particular characteristics and there are also those that are expecting their child to instill a solid spiritual or religious foundation.

Aside from behaviors, parents from different cultures also show different ways on showing their affection and love towards their children. There are parents who choose stop showing their affection through fondling and kissing to their children once they reach the toddler age. On the other hand, there are also cultures that show signs of affection through bathing the children, braiding their children’s hair and other ways of effectively showing affection to children no matter what their age is.

When it comes to education, cultures in Asian countries are different than other cultures. With Asian parents, they tend to exert more pressure to their children to attain high level of education and even give physical punishment to their children when they got low grade. There are also other parents from different culture who are different when talking about their involvement in the school works of their children. Parents from African culture are very much involved with the studies of their child as they spare enough time with checking their children’s homework while American parents may have enough attention given to such things.

Disciplinary actions are the ones that are also different when it comes to child rearing by parents from different cultures. One of the last resorts that parents have for their kids’ misbehavior is punishment through spanking or hitting. Different cultures have different beliefs when it comes to punishing their kids.

For African parents, they tend to spank their children in public as they feel the need for responding immediately for wrong deeds of their children. American and Latinos tend to make use of a strap or belt when spanking while American-Indian and Asian-American parents choose to use their hands.

Understanding different cultures will make any parent understand the reaction of other parents with how they raise their children, yet have to respect it since it is the way they grew up as well.

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