Communal Child Rearing

There are different styles used when it comes to parenting and one of these is communal child rearing. This is the process wherein the child or children are raised by the community and are given all of the basic necessities. Kids under this kind of child rearing technique are raised within a communal setting and are able to gain certain advantages as they grow up. They are able to learn many things from the institutions where these kids are sent and are able to take advantage of mingling with kids their age and learning of the right things that they should do as they grow.

One of the most advantageous things that kids can learn from this kind of child-rearing is that their social skills are enhanced. Since they are able to mingle with other kids their age and other kids in different age brackets, their social skills are improved as they grow up. Children under institutions following this technique are able to show advanced social skills through their remarkable ability in expressing their emotions and be able to negotiate with compromises. Furthermore, children are able to interact with either adults or children confidently.

When children grow up under the communal child rearing, they tend to treat each other as siblings and be able to get community support from each other whenever needed. Based from different studies made with this parenting technique, members of the community who have grown up in communal institutions are able to choose the members whom they want to ask help with. This can also help in letting parents select the best influences for their children.

As children’s point of view is concerned, they are able to talk to adults whenever they have to make important or major decisions and be able to learn from valuable things that adults can contribute. Kids are able to respect their parents on a new level as they hear the point of view of their parents especially when it is based in a different perspective.

Though there were many positive things reported with communal child rearing technique used in different institutions, there are also other negative feedbacks that have been reported from the previous years from such institutions. There are times wherein children would experience child abuse within the community and would be locked in and away from the outside world as a form of punishment.

Aside from that, there is also news wherein members of such communal institutions increased the stress with parents. One of the concerns of parents is the safety of children when it comes to the sleeping facilities since parents are left with anxiety over how their kids are doing. This is very common especially to those institutions that are taking care of children from the moment kids are born until they grow up as adults.

Just like any parenting techniques, communal child rearing also has its advantages and disadvantages that parents should think about. For those who are already set with a plan of sending their kids to such communities, it is best that parents would choose a safe and proven communal facility to ensure their kids welfare.

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