Conflicting Parenting Styles

Parents only want the best for their children. But as individuals, parents were also raised in different ways. As they make a family, parents also wants to make use of the styles used by their parents to raise them. Most of the time fathers would be the disciplinarian while mothers tend to be the spoilers of the family, sometimes it’s the other way around. During these times, couples would start fighting over their parenting styles making them fight over things that should be done. This is where conflicting parenting styles enter.

Creating Conflict in Role as a Parent

Fortunately, there are parents who find it easy to do a particular parenting style especially when they find it the same with their spouse, but how about those couples having different outlook about parenting? This is the part of the marriage couple’s life wherein they start to get in big fights over little things that they should do and should not do for their kids. Most of the time, there are parents who would fight over the way their children should be disciplined and how they should also be rewarded.

Since mothers are the ones that show their affection to their kids physically and emotionally, kids tend to run to their moms whenever they are disciplined by their fathers. During these times, moms would fight for their kids and would tell their partners that what they do is wrong. There are also times wherein mothers would let their children get away with their mistakes and saying that what they did was wrong and should not do it again. This is their way of showing affection while trying to discipline their kids.

But for some dads, they tend to get to be the strict disciplinarian wherein they would tell things that may hurt their children just to point out the right things and sometimes even tend to hit their children. This is where mothers would interfere with the style of their spouses and start fighting about it.

Building Consistency

Parents should know that letting their kids see that they fight about how to raise or discipline them may result to confusion for the kids. Confusion about who should be followed and what they should do whenever they get into such circumstances. With this thing in mind, it is best that parents will try to meet in the middle and make their parenting styles work for their kids.

They can make some rules wherein, if mom’s advice and disciplining styles will not work at a certain period of time, it is dad’s time to do it. This will make children know when to stop doing wrong things when their mother says and do not get to the point where their father would do the disciplining actions. It may be a strict parenting style but this is the way on how to make children feel the parents’ authority especially when it comes to disciplining them.

Along with a strict and strong parenting styles instead of conflicting parenting styles, parents should also show affection towards their children. This way, kids will know that despite the strict parenting styles done by their parents, they are still loved and cared for by their parents.

Parenting Statistics and Beliefs

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