Do Babies Sleep More During Growth Spurts

Many moms wonder on why do babies sleep more during growth spurts? A baby growth happens when the baby undergo a sudden rapid growth. To simply growth spurts, it is when the feet of the baby suddenly outgrew his old slipper. This sudden burst in the baby’s growth often lasts for 2 to 3 days. However there is a higher need to constantly feed your baby during hunger stretch. The best thing that mothers can do to deal with growth spurt is to recruit guidance. To answer mom whose query is do babies sleep more during growth spurts, here are the indications of growth spurs and how to deal with it.

1. Your baby might be dealing with a sudden rapid growth when he eats mire often. Non-stop eating of infant is a great indicator that he is having growth spurt. Mothers who breastfeed every three hours usually led their babies to opt for the milk bar every hour or two. However it is ideal for breastfeeding mother. If you are breastfeeding your baby more often, that means he is getting enough milk production to support his appetite. Older babies tend to belly up the milk more often

2. Many moms ask if do babies sleep more during more during growth spurts. Even your infant is sleeping for a five or six hours, he often asks for a midnight snack. This is true to most babies during the growth spurt. He will be up for the snack at 2 a.m.-4 am. Older babies tend to wake up earlier.

3. Your baby cranks more often. During the growth spurt, the baby gets fussy. He also switches from latching to sudden unlatching. Mother usually notices this to their babies because infants that are dealing sudden burst in their growth wants the milk bar more often. The problem with this is when mothers have low production of milk. Mother should also know that late night have no significant effect to the mood of the baby or even to yourself.

4. Since you are having trouble in getting enough sleep because of the need of your baby, the best way you can do is to take plenty of water. This will ensure that you will not be dehydrated as the baby absorbs the fluids from your body. Ask your partner or members of the family to do the chores. As a breastfeeding mom, you should need enough rest. Do some pass time such as watching movies.

5. It may be from your grannies idea on why do babies sleep more during growth spurts, but mothers should not give up dealing with the needs of the baby. If the baby wants the milk bar more often, rest easy when you are giving him the right amount of nutrition. You should also pay attention to weight gain and the diapers.

6. Growth spurt can cause discomfort to the mother and other parts of the family, but adjustment is a must. Whether it is a yes or no if do babies sleep more during growth spurts, mother should know that theses sacrifices are just temporary.

Baby Growth Spurt Chart

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