Explanation of Toddler Growth Spurts and Sleep

There are many parents who think about the relation of sleep with the growth spurts of toddler and how they should give their children the proper nap time to enhance the chance of letting their child grow appropriately with his or her age.

The First Year of Life

For parents are not familiar with growth spurts, well, this is the time when you child will gain its weight and will grow rapidly. This is an obvious time during the first year of children’s life and can also occur during the puberty period. There are also times wherein the growth spurts may occur in the latter part of their puberty age and may go unnoticeable at times.

As a parent, you may think that your child can be growing incredibly fast overnight as they start outgrowing their old clothes. Whenever you notice that you toddler is growing fast, then he or she can be in the process of growth spurts. Given that toddlers are just like any adult person releasing human growth hormones on their bodies, toddlers are able to get this release when they sleep. Though the hormone can be released by day, its primary release would be at night when your child is under his or her deep sleep.

The Growing Process

Aside from the right amount of sleep at night, your toddler’s body can produce more of these hormones as they take short naps during afternoons especially when they are already used with this kind of sleeping schedule. Other kids would require eating more than they used to making parents think that they are not eating the right amount needed for their age. But what parents should know is that, it is a part of the growth spurts and it is the way of their toddler’s body to cope up with the energy demands they have for growing.

As parents learn more from the explanation of toddler growth spurts and sleep and its relation, they are able to understand why there kids would sleep and eat throughout the day yet still gets continuous sleep at night. Aside from that, this situation also lets parents understand the fact that their kids would feel happier after they wake up and never gets tired of playing around. But after some time of being awake, they would usually end up feeling hungry and hungrier again and would sleep after. There are also kids in the process of growth spurts that can spend all day finishing several bottles of milk or eating and later on sleep peacefully.

Sleeping and Its Impact

Learning about the explanation of toddler growth spurts and sleep will give parents a clear idea on the relation of sleep with growth spurts and why their toddlers are having sudden changes with their moods. This is a sure way of understanding the best out of the growth of one’s child and just help in development of their kids with letting them grow the way their body wants. The process will not stop on the first year alone, parents should be reminded that the length of the growth spurts period may last as their child grows and may just come unnoticeable as they grow old.

Baby Growth Milestones

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