Fastest Way to Potty Train a Boy

Potty training can either be easy or difficult for parents. Some parents say that the training is, somehow, easy for their daughters but when it comes to their boys, the training becomes a hard thing to do. There are many parents asking on the fastest way to potty train a boy and how they can do it with their boys. Though experts may say that they can introduce the right way on using the potty to toddlers, parents still has the responsibility on how they can make their boys get used with the process.

The Process of Getting Started

To start the process for the fastest way to potty train a boy, it is necessary that your child is already aware of how to pull his pants down and back up after they poop or pee. Since potty training is known to take a long time, it is necessary that you start training your boy when you see that he is willing and interested to learn. There are things first that your child should have that makes it visible that they are already prepared to undergo the training. Your child should have a word for urine and stool, most likely poop or pee. He can tell you that he is about to poop or pee and can hold it until you sit him in the potty. Your child is able to put down and pull up his pants alone and dislikes the wearing diapers that are dirty and wet. Once you see these signs, you can start the fastest way to potty train a boy.

So, to begin the process, let him imitate you whenever you use the potty. Since he is a boy, let Dad teach him how to pee facing the back of the potty. Let him understand that mommy and daddy has different ways of peeing and that he should know the proper way as a boy. This is the same way when he needs to poop. Assist him when sitting and slowly teach him to wash himself after.

Using the Right Tools for Success

When teaching your boy, purchase the right equipment to assist him with the process like the right adapter seat that can attach firmly on the toilet. This will also make the toilet look narrower especially when your child fears of falling in the toilet. You can also add a stool that can assist your child to go up and down the potty with ease.

Establish a Schedule

Set up a training schedule or learn the times when he would feel using the potty and use it as your training time. Always assist him and tell him that he can always tell you when is about to pee or poop. Whenever he succeeds in using the potty, you can always give him a reward or get a calendar and put a star on times when he used the potty the right way. This will keep him motivated in using the potty the right way.

Though the fastest way to potty train a boy may end up with few accidents, being dedicated enough will let your child feel the importance of learning how to use the potty and end up being successful with the training.

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