Fiordland Penguin Facts for Kids

Fiordland penguins are one of the most distinctive varieties of penguins to be found anywhere. Even if you aren’t too terribly familiar with the name, there is an excellent chance that you have at least seen these penguins before in some form or fashion. There are several things about Fiordland penguins that can prove to be quite fascinating, particularly when taken a whole.

Facts About Fiordland Penguins

The Latin name for Fiordland penguins is eudyptes pachyrhynchus. The conservation status for these animals is currently listed as vulnerable. Like many animals, this has a strong chance of changing for the worse, as time goes on. You can find these penguins in New Zealand. These black and white animals have a height of approximately 23.5-inches. Their weight can be anywhere from 7.7 pounds to 8.8 pounds. They come with a life expectancy of fifteen to twenty years.

The above information is only a basic overview of Fiordland penguins. There are several other interesting things about these animals that are worth keeping in mind:

• Their backs and heads are black and white. The front is white in color. Perhaps the most distinctive thing about the appearance of Fiordland penguins is the fact that these animals have orange/yellow stripes that run along the base of their beaks, over the eyes, and down the back of their heads.
• White streaks of feathers is another noticeable feature to these penguins. You will find these streaks of feathers displayed most prominently when a Fiordland penguin puffs them out while defending their nest.
• Visual/vocal displays are utilized by these penguins when they are on land. When they are at sea, you can expect these penguins to communicate by using barking calls.

• It’s quite rare to see these penguins during the day. Extremely timid/cautious by nature, you will most often find these penguins active on lands during the evening hours.
• In terms of specific places within New Zealand to find Fiordland penguins, there are a few different places you can check out. You can find them along the Fiordland coast (hence the name), but you can also find them throughout the outlying islands of the Fiordland coast, as well as throughout Stewart Island.
• Fish, krill, and squid are typically the most common staples of the diet of Fiordland penguins. When it is time to eat, they will make shallow dives that will allow them to forage for the food they want.

Fiordland penguins typically enter the breeding age at five years.

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