Gabrielino Tribe Facts for Kids

Gabrielino tribe is one of the many Native American or American Indian tribes. Like most tribes, it is not the original name but one used by the Spanish to identify the particular tribe in southern California. Here are some of the well known and a few lesser known Gabrielino tribe facts for kids.

1. Originally Known as Kizh

It meant home. There was a section of the Gabrielino tribe that called themselves Tongva. It was perhaps the name of a village that the tribe inhabited. Gabrielino was the Spanish name given to the tribe by San Gabriel Archangel.

2. Originates from Los Angeles

The tribe inhabited present day Los Angeles and spread out along the west coast in southern California. Descendants of the tribe are still confined to the region. There were several clans of the Gabrielino tribe in southern California. All the clans had elected leaders but there was no centralized leadership or government. Local disputes would be solved by the members of the tribe under the guidance of their leader. Should there be larger issues, the clan leaders would get together and resolve the problems.

3. Now English Speaking

Descendants of the tribe living in southern California speak English. Some speak Spanish. English is the default language that kids of the former tribe grow up speaking. Some descendants are trying to revive the language spoken by the erstwhile Gabrielino or Tongva tribe. The ancestral language is not well documented and very few people within the tribe are aware of it.

4. Embraced the Outdoors

List most tribes, the Gabrielinos were outdoor people, depending largely on fishing and hunting, boating or sailing and gathering rather than extensive farming. Kids were trained in hunting and fishing at young ages and they had little time to play around or to study. There is little evidence suggesting that there was any proper schooling or education system. It was mostly homeschooling and skills were prioritized over academic prowess. Today, the scenario has obviously changed. The kids of the descendants of the Gabrielino tribe are just like any other kid in the country. They play, study and engage in a plethora of sports. The kids are particularly adept in swimming, footraces and dice games.

5. Hunters and Warriors

The Gabrielinos or Tongvas were predominantly a hunting tribe. The men were warriors and the women were homemakers. Although the primary roles were split on the basis of gender, yet both men and women collectively participated in arts, traditional medicine, music and storytelling.

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