Handy Manny Birthday Cake Ideas

Coming up with your own Handy Many birthday cake ideas can be a great deal of fun. You can obviously buy one of the many Handy Manny cakes or you may place a custom order. But you can also make your own cakes inspired by Handy Manny or one of his many tools.

Before you take the plunge to come up with some Handy Many birthday cake ideas, you need to understand the challenges of various designs. You must figure out what you can do and accordingly conceptualize and execute your idea. Determine the size of the cake, how many tiers it shall have, would it be confined to a plane or would there be provisions for multiple layers or at least fixtures protruding from the base layer. The reason why you should consider these factors is very simple. The size, layout, tiers and structure would determine what you can do and cannot do.

A simple Handy Manny cake can be just about any cake with the picture of Handy Manny and his tools on the top. That is the simplest, cheapest and easiest option. The moment you consider multiple tiers or structures standing on top of the foundation, things would get a little challenging. Only the experts can come up with such designs with impeccability.

You can only consider Handy Manny or you may include all his tools. You may have designated or segregated space on a cake for each of the tools and for Handy Manny. The picture even doesn’t have to be the one on the poster of Handy Manny. You can have your own version. Use your imagination to get Handy Manny to work. You can pick a tool and get Handy Manny to work on something that you would want to highlight. Unique personalization is always better than anything else. Here is one of the coolest Handy Manny birthday cake ideas.

Your child may have some toy or gadget broken. He or she may have broken something in the recent past. You can come up with a design in which Handy Manny is using his tools to fix what has been broken. This can be amazing personalization and its relevance will make the entire design a masterpiece. You may also opt for a large design where the entire cake is Handy Manny and his tools being pieces frosted with the main cake.

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