Harold Godwinson Facts for Kids

One of the most powerful and prestigious positions that you can hold throughout history is one of King of England. Harold Godwinson is one of the few men throughout history that was able to become royalty in this manner and held the title of English King. He was also known as King Harold II and he became the ruler of England after the death of Edward the Confessor. It is important for you to learn the most notable facts about Harold Godwinson and his tenure as king. Here are the Harold Godwinson facts for kids.

Long Lineage

Like many of the kings that came before and after Harold, he was from a long lineage of royalty. His father was known as Earl of Wessex and his mother was a noblewoman that came from Danish heritage. His sister was actually married to Edward the Confessor at the time of his death, which means that he took over the thrown for his brother in law.


The one thing that is most notable about Harold is not necessarily his tenure as king, but actually it is his death. It is believed that Harold was appointed king by his brother in law before his death, but this was not the popular choice of everyone during this time period. This means that there was a lot of unrest associated with Harold Godwinson becoming king over other individuals. William Duke of Normandy was the one that many people assumed would become King after Edward the Confessor, but when this did not occur it was a major issue in England. Before Harold was appointed king he was supposed to have been petitioning for the Duke of Normandy to become king. This is why it was such a shock when Harold himself was appointed king instead. Since William Duke of Normandy was not happy about Harold becoming King, it is believed that he had him killed.

Arrow or Soldier

Harold died by an arrow that went through his chest. it is assumed that one of the archers for William Duke of Normandy was actually the one that shot Harold with an arrow. His tenure as King was very short lived because he was not on the throne long before he was killed. There is also some conflicting information that regards his death as occurring by being cut down by a soldier instead of being shot by an arrow.

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