Japanese Child Rearing Practices

Japanese child rearing practices is different other nation’s nurturing practices. Japanese considers children as innately virtuous and innocent as they believed that only the outside world is the main elements that influence youths to change. The Japanese culture is known to use a unique approach in parenting as they want to provide careful pruning, nurturing and training.

Teaching Dependency

The Japanese child rearing practices are basically based on the notion of the dependency of the children on their mother. This is unique as compared to American culture wherein the child needs to be independent. In Japan, the mothers are the ones who will take care of everything that the child needs as they grow. As a matter of fact, Japanese moms will do this even during adolescent wherein they are the ones who will choice their children’s hobbies, education and career path that the children will acquire and pursue. This rearing practice helps Japanese children to grow obedient and diligent with the parent’s direction and guidance.

Intimate Parenting

Another element of Japanese child rearing practices is the intimate parenting. In Japan the intimacy and parenting is part of important parenting. Japanese moms make sure that they can establish an intimate parenting after giving birth through childhood. This is because it helps them to establish a good relationship to the child wherein the mother and the child will have the same mentality. Developing closeness with the child is an essential to implement negotiation, modeling as well as disciplinary techniques. Japanese prefer this way instead of using forceful punishments and others to fore the youngsters to behave appropriately.

Nest Building and Feeling Parenting Techniques

Nest building and feeling parenting are two of the most typical techniques to effectively practice dependency to reinforce intimacy in families. As a matter of fact, according to a survey in Japanese women, parents who use the technique are spending most of their time with children and carefully monitoring their child’s education, nutrition, communication, recreational activities as well as style. Children stay at home with their moms while they are being taught on how to become a good person. This is an excellent way on how the mother will be able to make sure that their children will grow fine, honest and obedient.

Rational Parenting Techniques

Another Japanese child rearing practices is rational parenting technique. According to a Japanese Media company in 2008, Japanese integrates outside parenting practices and approaches from varied resources and techniques. Japanese mothers who practice such techniques usually consult their friend, relatives and family members to get the right information that they can use when parenting.

Japanese parenting is unique way as compared to western culture. They nurture the children in a way that they will not be lost by making the child more. The closeness to mother will help the child to develop a more respectful and well-trained. On the other hand, the only issue here as compared to westerners, the child will not be able to learn how to become more independent, but still it is a great technique.

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