Komodo Dragon Facts for Kids

If you have little ones at home, they will surely love the komodo dragon. The komodo dragon is a kind of fearsome giant lizard with a scientific name of Varanus komodoensis. It is also considered as one of the biggest species in the group of lizard worldwide. They have the ability to grow for about 10 feet in length with a weight of 300 pounds. They are being covered by their scaly skin with a brownish yellow color and they have a giant tail, 60 sharp teeth, long forked tongue and stubby short legs. Most of the giant lizards can be found in islands of Indonesia since they want to live in dry and hot places like savannah and grassland. However, during night time, you can see them in burrows since they want to conserve heat.

About Komodo Dragons

Most of the komodo dragons eat and hunt other animals since they are carnivores and one of their preferred meals is a deer. When they are very hungry, they will immediately eat any kind of animals that they catch and these include water buffalo and pigs. When it comes with their hunting procedure, they just lie down and wait for their potential prey to draw near them. Using their fast sprint, they can easily catch their prey and when they caught it, they will make use of their sharp teeth and claws to eat their prey quickly.

They also have the ability to swallow whole animals and large chunks. The komodo dragons have deadly bacteria in their saliva. If a certain animal has bitten by komodo dragons, they will immediately die. According to researches, the komodo dragons belong to most of the endangered animals in the world. They become endangered due to natural disasters, human hunting and lack of laying eggs of female komodo dragons. Most of the komodo dragons are being protected and covered under the Indonesian law and the usual habitat of most of the komodo dragons are in natural parks.

Other Fun and Cool Facts about Komodo Dragons

1. Most of the komodo dragons have the ability to eat 80 percent of their body weight for every meal.

2. The little komodo dragons can climb in trees and they run fast in order to avoid being killed by the adult komodo dragons.

3. The komodo dragons are a kind of monitor or watch lizard and they belong on the top of food chain especially on islands where they love to live.

4. Most of the komodo dragons are already present in the world for almost 100 years and you can see a lot of komodo dragons in 30 zoos in North America.

Since most of the komodo dragons are endangered, they need proper guidance and care particularly the adult ones. You must bear in mind that they are also one of the unique creatures in the world and just like a human being; they also need the proper treatment and protection during their existence in the world. Most of your little kids will surely love to learn valuable facts and information about the komodo dragons as they grow up.

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