Mario and Luigi Birthday Party Ideas

Hosting a birthday party for a friend or your children can be a great experience, especially if you have a particular theme in mind. For video game lovers, a Mario and Luigi themed birthday can be fun for both the guest of honor and the people that you have attending the party. There are a wide variety of different things that you can implement into the birthday party to make it one to remember.

Gold Coin Game Prizes

One of the most quintessential aspects of any Super Mario video game are the gold coins. If you are having any games during the event such as pin the tail on the donkey or even Mario Kart racing with the use of a video game console, consider giving chocolate gold coins as prizes to the winners. There are even candy manufacturers that make chewable candies that are replicas of the coins that you earn in Mario games.

Chocolate Mustache Lollipops

Who doesn’t love indulging in chocolate and what is the most noticeable characteristic of both Mario and Luigi? Their mustaches, of course! Buy chocolate trays that are shaped like Luigi’s and Mario’s mustaches and fill them with delicious melted milk chocolate. You can then add paper straws to the bottom and create your own chocolate mustache lollipops. Your guests can hold them up their faces and eat them throughout the party.

Choosing the Colors

Another amazing aspect of throwing a Mario and Luigi themed birthday party is that there are an array of colors that you can choose from in order to emulate the video game itself. With reds, oranges, yellows, blues, and even greens, you can create a colorful event that will impress your guests and the birthday boy or girl. Consider getting gift bags for guests that are one of these colors and even think about implementing the colors into the birthday cake. It will certainly help to make the birthday more memorable.

Super Mario Themed Birthday Cake

The birthday cake is the most important part of the event and it is imperative that you make it the best that it can be. Use all of the Super Mario characters on the cake, or if you want, focus solely on Mario and Luigi. Add question mark blocks, gold coins, clouds, grass, and even green tunnels to help bring the appeal together. You can even find candles that are shaped as Super Mario characters.

Super Mario Timeline

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