Most Common Sleeping Disorders in Toddlers

Sleeping is an important part in the life of a growing toddler. This is where they conserve the energy that they need to let those growth hormones go out of their body and help in the complete development of a child. But there are times when your tot would be deprived of his or her enough sleeping hours knowing that he or she may be suffering from any sleeping disorders. Being aware of the most common sleeping disorders in toddlers will help you in identifying the things that you can do to prevent these problems from affecting your child.

When you are trying to get the reason behind your child’s sleep issues, then it is best that you familiar first the most common sleeping disorders in toddlers that may affect your child’s health in the future. There are just many disorders that children may experience and some of these are the following:

Nightmares. This problem can be a sudden arousal because of fear, motor activity or any emotional outbursts. There are times when a child will not remember any of the things that he or she has dreamt the night before. Specialists say that when a child suffers from this, it is best that you can make him or her feel comfortable while not waking them up.

Nighttime Bedwetting. This is a problem that can be solved through training the child in controlling his or her bladder. It can also help that the child will learn how to manage their stress before going to bed.

Sleep Walking. Your child may suffer from this disorder as he or she walks around your home in the middle of the night asleep and mumbling words you cannot understand. Experts are recommending that they children with this problem should be awakened whenever there are episodes since it can help in reducing or eliminating further episodes. It could also help that the child’s room will be placed on the first floor to prevent accidents like falling off the stairs whenever he or she sleeps walk.

Sleep-Onset Anxiety. This is a problem wherein a child would find it difficult to sleep due to excessive worries and fears. It can be due to any traumatic or stressful events that they encountered throughout the day. Experts advise parents that they let their child feel calm before bedtime and give them the reassurance about the things that worries them.

Sleep Apnea. Though this problem is common for adults, there are also children who suffer from breathing difficulty as their air passages are obstructed. You will hear your child snoring, breathing through his or her mouth or feeling of excessive sleepiness during the day. An expert would either recommend you to get airway passage equipment or have the adenoids and tonsils removed to prevent the obstruction.

Provided that you are aware of these most common sleeping disorders in toddlers, you can be sure that you will learn how to prevent the condition from worsening and how you can help your toddler with getting enough sleep needed for his or her age.

Common Sleep Disorders

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