Native American Child Rearing Practices

With regards to Native American families there are many different cultural differences present when opposed to their Hispanic and Asian America counterparts. Native American child rearing practices also vary as an outcome of economic, social as well as familial factors among them.

Numbers of Family

Within Native American Families, situations differ on the members of the family who are there in the specific household. Psychology Instructor Melvin N. Wilson of University of Virginia stated that if looking at Native American households for a kid’s you will notice a particular standpoint. Statistically, the Native American kid is more possible to be grown up in a single parent household, which has 41 percent than the dual parent family which has 40 percent and the remaining 19 percent entail a combine effort of kid rearing between an extended member of the family and the parent.

Differences in Gender

Parenting styles amongst Native American households will also differ from other civilizations as an outcome of the figure of kids in the household. A research called “Parenting Styles African American and White Families with Children-Findings from an Observational Study” posted on North Carolina University website shows that parenting characteristics related to Native American families take account of higher degrees of negativity present in the family which depend wholly on factors in the given household. One of the factors is the sexual category of the kids. The research discovered that while Native American parent’s shows higher degrees of negativity, including detachment, restrictiveness and harsh commands toward the male kids than average, this study doesn’t apply to the female kids.


Native American households tend to support a disciplinarian way of rearing a child. In study conducted in the year 2002 by the ASA or American Sociological Association, they found out that an essentially huge quantity of Native American parent takes the strict or demanding way to parenting if compared to the while middle class counterparts. The research was solely focused on the examination of 302 Native American adolescents as well as their parents. The outcomes showed that a household’s social as well as economic standing has several to carry out with the selected way of parenting. Research suggests that demanding or strict rearing of children is much common amongst Native American as an outcome of groundwork for disputes which come with racial discrimination, racism as well as poverty.


Native American child rearing as a matter of fact is largely influenced by spiritual belief as opposed to child rearing of Anglo American, this according to the result of the study conducted by the ASA or American Sociological Association. This is obvious even if looking at various social classes in the community of Native American.

The research involved the observation and interviewing of a number of kids with an age of eight to ten as well as their households at a Mid-Western community school. 32 kids or 19 Native American and sixteen white, of different social class was chosen for individual interviewing and assessment. It was discovered that deeds or activities like church choir, Bible camp, Bible study and Sunday school were famous among Native American households, going beyond class barriers. This was measured to activities like piano lessons, and soccer camp in white American households.

Native American Language Timeline

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