Nonviolent Communication Parenting

Many parents are used to talking things out with their children like what they should and should not do. It is also a way of parents on telling them about their mistakes and lecturing their children all day. But experts are saying that this is not the only way on how parents can make an effective style of parenting. One of the effective ways that many parents are considering doing nowadays is nonviolent communication parenting.

This kind of parenting technique was developed in the 60’s by Marshall Rosenberg. It is a technique wherein parents should focus on 3 phases and these are as follow:

Self Empathy
The parents should find the compassionate and deep awareness of their inner experience. They should learn what their children should feel when they do something just to discipline them.

This is the phase wherein parents should listen to their kids in deep compassionate. This is sure to give your children the understanding that you are there ready to listen with whatever they want to say.

Honest Self Expression
It is defined to be the way of expressing parents through an authentic way and at the same time inspire their children to show compassion to other as well.

When these 3 phases are met, parents can easily do something to discipline or show their love with their kids without the need to use violence but compassion alone.

The purpose of nonviolent communication parenting is to let parents know that they have the capacity in showing compassion towards whatever is done by their kids without resorting to any form violence. It is a style of parenting that will help in attempting to meet any universal human needs and never let any conflicts from rising.

Parenting is not about the things that parents should be doing or saying alone but with what their kids have also to say and do. One of the things that parents should do to practice a nonviolent communication parenting is through listening to what kids have to say. They can repeat some words in what their kids are saying just to show that they are interested with what they are saying. In this way, parents are able to build the trust from their child and even support their way of understanding their kids in a unique way.

Another thing that parents should practice is guessing what their kids are trying to say. They would usually think that their kids are just throwing tantrums whenever they cry, but there are things that they want to say. It is best that you learn how to guess whatever their actions are saying and confirming it to them instead of using any form of violence just to stop them from crying.

There are more peaceful and compassionate ways on how kids are given the discipline that they need and make sure that they will not have to cry or misbehave again. Whenever you listen and understand your children, you are not only helping them get what they want but is also teaching them how they can find solution for their issues.

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