Olivia the Pig Birthday Party Ideas

Whether you are hosting a birthday party or a dinner party for your friends, you will want to make the event one to remember. In terms of your child’s birthday, there are a variety of different themes that you can take into consideration. Olivia the Pig has quickly become a favorite character amongst young women around the world. With that being said, below are some amazing (and budget friendly) ideas that you can use to host the best Olivia the Pig birthday party.

1. Wreath-Making Activity

If you’re looking for a way to get your guests more involved in the party, have them get together to make a wreath out of feather boas. You can choose colors such as red, pink, black, and white, to help match the theme. At the conclusion of the wreath-making, you can give the creation to one of the guests. This is a great activity that will keep the kids entertained.

2. Photobooth Props

Even if you don’t have the funds to rent a photobooth and are taking pictures yourself, make photobooth props that everyone in the party can enjoy. Whether you make print-outs and paste them to popsicle sticks or if you are able to find actual props for people to wear, the options are endless. Throughout the night, make sure that you get pictures of all of your guests and you can post them to social media or create a scrapbook.

3. Cupcake/Cake Displays

Depending on the type of dessert that you have for the conclusion of the party, think about how important the display is. For an Olivia the Pig birthday party, what would it be without the use of red and white polka dots? Use old boxes and cover them with wrapping paper that fits the theme. It will make it the perfect place to display your desserts for your guests to admire and eventually enjoy.

4. Olivia the Pig Piñata

This is something that you may want to consider ordering online in advance if your local stores don’t carry them. An Olivia the Pig piñata is another great activity for the kids and adults in the party. Fill the piñata with red, white, pink, and black candies that everyone will be able to enjoy once it has been broken. What would a birthday party be if there wasn’t a piñata? Plus, there are a variety of different ones for you to choose from.

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