Parenting Tips for Terrible Twos

Children are considered little angels when they are still babies, but when they start throwing tantrums over little things most parents change the way they see their kids on these days. Tantrums are very common for kids aging 2 or 3. The term called for kids aging 2 years and are throwing unbearable tantrums are terrible twos. Most of the time, parents find it difficult to deal with their kids in this age. They would always ask for help from other parents on how they can handle such kids and avoid getting stressed out during such times.

Reasons for Behavior

The main reason why there terrible twos are throwing tantrums is that, they are learning how to show their frustration about not having the complete ability to do things especially when they think they can do it. Since kids at this age are not yet able to have complete language skills, they find it hard to express any of their feelings. Seeing adults do things on their own, this makes toddlers think that they can also do what their parents are doing. When they find out that they do not have the ability to do it, they throw tantrums and cry out loud as they do not know how to say what they feel. Once parents understand this, they can learn how to make their children stop crying over the reason.

Tips on Coping Up with Terrible Twos

If you think that tantrums should not be addressed by parents immediately, then start thinking again. This will not stop your kids from throwing tantrums since they are not getting what they want over things. So, to stop being stressed about your kids’ tantrums, the following are some of the parenting tips you can do to cope up with it:

1. Give your child the option
This is sure to give your child the feeling of being in control of certain situations. Let them choose between things they want to do and they want to get. This will make them feel that their needs are being followed and would less likely throw any scene.

2. Keep in mind that the tantrum thrown is not about the parent but about the child feeling overwhelmed.
Though it is difficult to keep calm during these times and lower your voice, do this and make them feel reassured about things they do. Never pick them up, unless of course they are in danger. Reassure them that everything is going to be alright since you are there.

3. Do not reason out when your child throws tantrums.
During these times, your child will definitely not give you the chance to talk. Divert his or her attention from what is upsetting them. You can cuddle them if possible and just distract them. Fortunately, kids at this age can be distracted easily making it easy for parents to get their attention easily.

With understanding why terrible twos are throwing tantrums, parents are sure to cope up with the fact that they are able to make their children calm and never let their kids exhaust them everyday.

Dealing with Child Tantrums

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