Toco Toucan Facts for Kids

These bright, beautiful birds are fairly well-known in pop culture, thanks to Toucan Sam. However, the actual facts and figures for these animals will prove to be far more fascinating. This is a multifaceted animal with numerous features that are worth appreciating in greater detail.

At the same time, there are some realities to the toco toucan that should also be kept in mind.

Fascinating Facts About Toco Toucans

While there are numerous types of toucans in the world, the toco toucan tends to be one of the most well-known and popular. As you learn more of these toco toucan facts, you will begin to appreciate why that is the case:

• Toco toucans measure twenty-five inches in length. This makes them the largest of all the toucans on the planet.
• There are three physical elements to the toco toucan that tend to get the most attention. However, while the black body/white throat are instantly recognizable, it is the presence of that very large beak that people notice first.
• How long is that beak? Believe it or not, the toco toucan beak length clocks in at about eight inches. That means the beak alone accounts for about 1/3 of the total length of the bird itself!
• However, despite the presence of that huge beak, the weight of that specific part of the toco toucan isn’t quite as incredible as you might think. Consisting of a protein known as keratin, the beak’s structure includes a number of air pockets. This results in a very low mass for the beak. Fair enough. Can you imagine trying to fly with something that weighed as heavy as it looked?

• In fact, recent studies suggest that toucans are capable of regulating their body temperature by adjusting blood flow to their beak. The better the blood flow, the more heat will be released.
• To stay warm, toco toucans will tuck their beak under their feathers to stay nice and comfortable.
• Not surprisingly, the beaks play a vital role in helping toco toucans obtain, open, and eat their favorite food source, which tends to be fruit. Insects, frogs, and reptiles are also dietary standards for these birds.
• Despite the fact that they spend so much time in trees, toco toucans get around by hopping from tree-to-tree, since they aren’t great at flying.
• At the moment, they are not considered endangered, but steps should still be taken to protect their wide range of potential habitats.


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